Saturday, March 12, 2011

Second Draft

So a couple weeks later toward the end of August, they came up with a much better second draft, this time with a 3D model!

Many things had changed:
  • This version now had three floors, so the room proportions are better (no small rooms with 17' high ceilings). 
  • The house also had a wider footprint. The footprint inspired the architects to think of emphasizing the cantilever and create a concept of two mirrored volumes stuck together. It added a lot of character to the house.
  • The square footage increased to around 2100 sq ft. While it's a bit large for what I need, I like the wider proportion better, plus it gives me extra square footage if I ever need it in the future
  • The stairs to the rooftop deck were moved from the entry area to the rear lower deck.
  • A more substantial entryway was added with bridge and coat closet. It is also backed by a set of windows, so you can see straight through the house and get a very indoor/outdoor feel. Cool!
  • The bedroom got its own set of doors to the deck
  • An office was added with open walls. It gives the possibility of turning it into a third bedroom in the future if I wanted to. 
  • The media room was moved to the new daylight basement along with a large storage room/server closet.
  • The location of the kitchen and living room were swapped
  • A pantry was added next to the kitchen (by request)
At this point, we were all pretty happy with the general layout of the house and the internal spaces. As far as the exterior, it was nice, but was still lacking that wow factor. I thought that the exterior shell of the house could be a bit edgier to really emphasize the shapes, and I think the architects were thinking the same thing.

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