Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Search For An Architect

After that failed initial foray, I started to think I needed to be a millionaire in order to build a custom home. Luckily, a co-worker of mine recommended an architect, Jim Burton of Blip Design. I met with him at a coffee shop and found out more about his work, the process, and costs. It turns out that it is possible to build something for around $150-180/sq ft.

During my home shopping, I ran into and talked to another architect, David Foster of David Foster Architects. He's done several projects on 22nd st in the central district. I got to walk through the house that he was building and living in and liked many things about it. 

While both of those architects were very nice, I ended up working and signing a contract with Pb Elemental. These are the guys that designed the house that I almost purchased. I chose them over the other architects for the following reasons:
  • I got to walk through some of their buildings and really liked all of their floorplans and clean, no-nonsense layouts with no wasted space. 
  • They are very cost conscious and know how to design something cool on a budget
  • They're very eager and excited to work on new projects. They've only been around for 6 years, so I think they're still in the process of trying to make a name and reputation for themselves. 
  • They're easy to talk to and get along with
If you're ever planning on doing new construction or a remodel, I highly recommend these guys!