Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rooftop framing

The final structure of the house is starting to take shape. It's looking pretty good! There have been countless small issues that have cropped up, and the framers and my GC are both frustrated, but I have a standing structure. 

The house

Standing on the roof
I finally got to walk around all the rooms of the house with roof overhead and get a sense of the proportions. I think everything is just about right. The deck is larger than I thought it would be, and the bedroom is a little smaller, but it's nothing unreasonable. The skylight in the kitchen is awesome, and it's about 4x larger than I pictured in my mind. I don't think I'll ever have to turn the lights on during the daytime.

View from the bedroom

View from the living room

View from the dining area
I think the framers finish their work this week. As expected, the roofing and siding bids came in way over-budget, and I'm still deciding what to do about that problem. The stress level hasn't gone down yet, and I'm bracing for more surprises until I get my certificate of occupancy.