Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Foundation Walls

It's time for another picture post! After the slab cured, it was covered up with a vapor barrier and the contractor started working on the walls. The contractor happened to have an almost brand new set of forms, so I'll have nice, smooth interior walls. 

Makeshift entry into the basement
Those are 9' high walls! The garage will sit directly above this area.
Setting up forms for the walls and a rebar lattice

After the forms were all set up, the concrete truck came in on September 29 and poured all the walls. Here's what it looks like after the forms came off:

The mechanical room

The main footprint of the house

Drainage pipes around the perimeter of the foundation

View from the driveway
It looks like an unfinished development in the Gaza Strip right now, but most of that will be buried underground. The next steps are to waterproof and insulate the exterior walls, back-fill the lot, and pour the final walls connecting the retaining wall to the house.