Monday, March 14, 2011

Final Draft / Virtual Tour

Around the October timeframe, Pb Elemental got the final draft of the house completed. One of the issues they realized with the new exterior is that the shell extended out about 8-10 feet beyond the setback of the lot! Oops! They ended up resolving that issue by shortening the height of the shell and using railings for the rooftop deck instead.

They got a fancy updated 3D model of the house too:


There were many subtle stylistic tweaks done to the house at this point. Here's what the final interior plan looks like (screenshots taken from the permit set.. ignore extra lines):

We start at the bottom floor. There's a media room and large storage/server closet. All of the high-tech wiring will be routed to that location. There's also a half-bath added by request. 


Going half a flight up, there's a sliding door to the ground-level patio.

 Going into the entry and up the stairs leads you into the living room. Of note here are the sliding doors from both the living room and bedroom. Opening both up, should create a large indoor/outdoor area. For parties, the bedroom can be blocked off with a pocket door. The guest bath is off on the side of the kitchen out of the way of the entertaining area. 

All the flooring throughout the house is concrete. This will especially help unify the surface on the deck with the surface indoors. That seamless effect will also be noticeable in the bathroom. The plan right now is to run the concrete surface straight into the shower and slightly slope the surface to allow for proper drainage. 

And lastly, following the outside stairs, you get to the rooftop deck. It overlooks the green roof over the master bedroom and kitchen. There is also a skylight positioned over the island. 

There are lots of windows throughout the house, and it does serve a practical purpose. They will bring in lots of natural light into the house. The cloudy season in Seattle is very long, and this should almost eliminate the need to use indoor lighting during the daytime. It also helps give a visual connection to the outside, thus furthering the indoor/outdoor theme. While my views will be very urban - no million dollar panoramas or water views - it will be better than staring at a blank wall.


  1. I like how you designed the garage door around your current car. The first picture shows nicely how the door only opens to chest height. Forward thinking!

  2. Oh perspective, why must you do such funny things?