Friday, January 20, 2012

Garage, Walls, and Snow

There was only a little bit of progress this week due to the snow. It did make for a very zen-like scene though.

View from the end of the driveway


I have a garage now. There is a nook in the garage which was originally intended to hold the water boiler and electrical panels. That part of the design was already approved by the city before we redesigned the foundation and moved the plumbing and electrical into the mechanical room on the bottom floor. I'm guessing this area will now be used for miscellaneous storage and shoes. 

Nook in the garage

Looking in at the foyer

Looking out from the foyer

Hallway from the foyer. Coat closet on the left.

Hallway leading into the guest bedroom on the left and office on the right.

View from the office

Ground-level patio in the foreground. The view from here will soon become much more imposing.

At this point, the structure is almost ready for the steel framing that will support the third floor. If the weather cooperates and the metal fabricators are on time, this should happen next week.

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