Monday, October 24, 2011

Foundation Completed

At this point, the foundation work is completed! Some dirt-moving still remains, but all of it is minor. The driveway is put back together:

Here you can see the final walls that were poured:

Now there is a solid wall on the front of the house. You can see the notched-out area for the garage entry:

This is a square of concrete that was poured for the support beam for the cantilevered portion of the house.

And finally, here you can see the sea of concrete that was poured to get the foundation to completion.

It looks much more impressive in person. That photo was taken from the northwest corner of the lot. The wall in the back is 9' high. You can also see the three driveway retaining walls on the upper left side and far right side of the picture. The floor pictured here is a bit dirty, but once the framing is up, it will be cleaned, sealed, and should look great. 

At this point, it's ready for framing! There is a bit of a delay in getting final framing plans to the sub-contractors, but I'm hoping work can start within a week or two.


  1. Nice progress!
    I noticed your neighboring lot went pending as well, had my eye on it for a couple of months, sad to see it go :-(
    What's your timeline, another 6 months once framing starts?

  2. I'm hoping it won't be that long. The goal is to be done by March, but these things can change.