Sunday, July 17, 2011

I have a sewer!

Not much has changed on the lot itself since the last post, but one big issue has been resolved. I started talking to the neighbor to the north of my lot about running a sewer line through their backyard. They were a little nervous about it, but they ended up allowing me to do it in exchange for a cash offering. What a relief! The sewer is still around 3x over budget, but it would have been closer to 6x otherwise.

With a signed easement in hand, my plumber went to work. This is the approximate path that the sewer line will take:

It's a bit of distance to cover, but it is all downhill and doesn't share any plumbing with the neighbor's house (other than the y-joint). First, he had to locate the side-sewer connection going out to the street.

From there, a trench was dug and a 6" line was installed along the edge of the neighbor's lot.

Here it is taking a corner:

..and another corner along the backside of the neighbor's property:

And finally, it needs to go uphill into my lot:

Next week should pick up again. We have picked out a new sub-contractor to finish the foundation work. My plumber will also be running the lines underneath the foundation and burying the pipe once it has been approved by an inspector. I can't wait for this phase of construction to finish.

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  1. Glad to hear that things are starting to get back on track!