Monday, May 16, 2011

Retaining Wall

The retaining wall for the driveway was completed on 5/12. First, the footings were set-up on 5/2:

The footings were poured on 5/4, forms were put in place the next day, then a few days later, the wall was poured. Here's what it looks like as the forms were removed:

From the street

From the end of the wall

Close-up of the end of the wall
 The concrete guys wanted to sand everything down and fill all the holes left by air bubbles, but both my architect and I made sure they didn't. All that is great natural texture for the wall. They did forget to embed the house numbers in the front of the wall, but I'm not too worried about that. Numbers can be affixed to the wall at a later point for an equivalent effect.

The driveway will follow the profile of the retaining wall, but will be about two feet lower. Once the foundation work is done, the wall will be extended to meet with the foundation.

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  1. Finally got it finished, huh Spiz? Looks great!