Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pre-Groundbreaking tasks

There are several things that need to happen before we can break ground.
  • A silt barrier has been erected around the perimeter of the lot
  • An onsite kick-off meeting was arranged with the city to inspect the barrier, provide information about the construction policies and procedures that the city requires, and to give permission to break ground. This was a success. 
  • Several requests for bids were sent out for the retaining wall and foundation work. This is probably the most expensive and involved part of the project, so it is important to spend some time making sure we have the right person and for the right price
  • A surveyor was hired to come out to the lot and put stakes in all the corners so that we know exactly where the property lines and easements are. 
  • An application to Seattle City Light needs to be sent out to get temp (and eventually permanent) electrical service to the lot. 
  • A request for water service was sent to Seattle Public Utilities. I had to go to their offices in person to get it set up. They need to renew the water availability certificate on the lot before they can put an order in. This will hopefully be ready on Monday. 
  • A request for gas service needs to go out to Puget Sound Energy
  • A plan for sewer access needs to be established. I can potentially save a ton of cash by hooking into the neighbor's sewer line, but I need a signed side-sewer access easement from them. I'll be talking with them on Tuesday about that.
All those tasks don't necessarily need to be completed before we begin on the retaining wall, but we do need to decide on a subcontractor and figure out where the sewer will go. I'm hoping one more week and we can start digging. I want to see piles of dirt!

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  1. Me want dirt! Piles of fertile dirt!