Monday, November 29, 2010

A new strategy

After getting over my disappointment with the failed purchase, I began to seriously consider another option: build my own house. I had very little information on where to start or how much a project like that would actually cost, but the idea of it was intriguing to me.

I quickly figured out that the first step is to find an architect. Browsing a few sites like this one, I found out I really liked the work of Olson Kundig Architects. I like their edgy designs and use of natural materials. So I decided to send them an email and find out more about the whole process. I received a prompt and friendly response asking what projects of theirs I liked and my general budget. Excited to be moving forward with something, I sent back an email with a few paragraphs of information that they wanted. As quickly as my exchange started, it stopped. I never received a response back from them after that initial one. Later on, I come to find out that they only talk to people who have lots and lots of money. I'll be sure not to use them when I can afford it.

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